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For over forty years the Penobscot Valley church, a non-denominational congregation, has been meeting together to worship God, study His word, and fellowship together. We've been through hard times and good times, with a full awareness of the eternal rewards God has promised all Christians.

We are a small congregation, with 20 members and about 30 or so in regular attendance. Presently, we hope to grow by reaching out to our neighbors with service in the coming months, telling them about Jesus Christ and the many benefits of having a relationship with Him and His kingdom.

We exist interdependently with other congregations of Christ throughout the world, each following the New Testament example of autonomy (without central headquarters, conventions, regional or national leaders, creeds, etc.).

The atmosphere offers a casual, 'come as you are' setting. You can expect our Bible studies to be a lively interaction between everyone.

While the New Testament does not specifically condemn instrumental music, we choose to sing without instrumental accompaniment (also known as 'a capella'). Together, we remember Jesus' death by participating in the Lord's Supper every week. Typically, a lesson is presented that lasts about 20 minutes.

Join us in worshipping our Lord, fellowshipping together in unity, and serving the needs of those around us. For more information, contact us.

We believe that we are simply trying to be "Christians" only - following the example of living that Jesus Christ left for us to follow, a life of trusting in God first and last, enjoying His many blessings and obeying His call to a higher standard of living through faithful obedience.

We believe that Jesus Christ is unquestionably the Son of God, the only one to have ever lived a life that was worthy, to God, as a sinless, unstained sacrifice on behalf of all people. Having no sins of his own, he was able to die for our sins and thus take our punishment. In exchange for our acceptance of this free gift, we give our lives as "living sacrifices" to God knowing that His promise of saving us from our self-centeredness, our sin, and the dark side of humanity. He will deliver us, beyond this life, to an unending life untouched by evil.

We believe that the Bible is the Word of God - and all that we need to understand about God's plan for our lives and destiny is found within its pages.

We believe that we do not have "all the answers," but we are striving to learn together to better understand God's specific answers for the struggles and troubles we deal with every day. As such, we really want you to feel conform table to be with us, to talk about God and the Word and participate in a lovely and committed family of believers.

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