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This web site is maintained by members of the Penobscot Valley Church of Christ. All feedback from this web site is held in strictest confidence. No one associated with this site will reuse, distribute, or sell contact information or feedback provided here or to any of our e-mail addresses.

Articles published here represent the knowledge, attitudes, and/or opinions of the author and are not necessarily held by our congregation, nor should they be construed as a formal statement of doctrine or creed.

Out of respect for the privacy of our members we have elected to use 'stock photography' for our web site. Our hope is that the portraits presented here reflect something about (1) the people we are trying to reach and (2) the people associated with our congregation. They are by no means representations of our actual membership or a portrayal of the 'scope' of people we desire to serve. The church belongs to God, and His invitation to belong to His family is open to all.

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Our first web site was launched March 28, 1997. Our current site was launched July 1, 2001. This web site was designed, developed, and written by Joel Cranford.

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