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Though Bangor is Maine's
third largest city, it's actually
a nice, medium-size town...

...with a population of about 32,000. Brewer, across the river, has about 10,000. In the surrounding communities live about 70,000, bringing the total area population to roughly 110,000.

View of Bangor (left) from I-395 over Penobscot River

Bangor has a clean, bustling downtown. On the north end of town is a shopping center with a recently expanded mall and several other shopping areas. The roads throughout the area are very good, and finding one's way around is not complicated at all. One of the benefits of living in the north during the winter is our ability to clear the streets, preventing a loss in productivity and making life generally a lot easier than states that tend to shut down with a few inches of snow.

Downtown Bangor sits next to the Penobscot river, with a subtle skyline accented with exquisite architecture and church spires. Scenic hills surround the general area, and during the summer the river is frequented by colorful boats and crafts. Our waterfront is currently undergoing a multi-million dollar development project to create a park, playgrounds, and vendor outlets. Throughout the area you will find beautiful homes and

A view of downtown Bangor 

buildings that are a century or two old, lending to its "New England charm."

It's been said that, "If you've got a lemon, make lemonade." Well, we've got snow, so we've got plenty of snowmobiles, sleds, ice skates, snow boards, skis, and all kinds of activities to make winter a fun, enjoyable season!

The other seasons are very colorful and enjoyable, with the most wonderful summer days anywhere. You can expect to spend May through September outdoors with only a few days of unbearable heat you know, way up in the 90s). And you just haven't seen color until you've enjoyed the long, scenic autumns of Maine, as the surrounding hills and countryside practically explode in bright and vivid colors.

SCHOOLS: There are four colleges in or near Bangor for anyone wanting to further their education, plus Bangor Theological Seminary. Maine's public schools are among the best financed in the nation. Our students rank at or near the top in reading and math scores. There are several private and Christian schools in Bangor, and a support network for home schoolers, also.It's beautiful here!

PUBLIC SAFETY: Bangor is safe. You can leave your doors unlocked, even take an evening walk down your street and feel safe. We never have traffic jams or congestion, and only then it's usually due to a yard sale up ahead. Maine has one of the lowest crime rates in the nation, and Bangor epitomizes that fact. There is no rat-race, overcrowding, urban noise or suburban sprawl. It's rather peaceful around here, without feeling like you're in the middle of nowhere.

SHOPPING AND DINING: You won't find everything here, like some popular restaurants and certain chain stores, but we do have most of the big franchise restaurants. Can you buy a McLobster Sandwich in your town? You can here at any of our McDonalds. There are many private restaurants catering to all tastes, so your taste-buds won't be disappointed. For shopping, we have recently renovated and expanded shopping mall and several discount shopping stores. Outlet stores are just down the highway about two hours for serious shoppers.

RECREATION: Looking for fun? You can bowl, roller skate, ice skate, go to the movies for a few bucks, fish, hike, bike, snowmobile, four-wheel, camp, ski, sled, swim, sail, deer-hunt, duck-hunt, moose-hunt, quail-hunt, partridge-hunt, bargain-hunt, walk on the beach, watch a theatrical play, climb a mountain, or just plain get lost in the many things to do around town. We even have four FM Christian radio stations! The quality of life here is only accentuated by the many things to do.

There's plenty to do in Bangor, and the pace of life is just right!

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