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Objections to Baptism?
Is baptism essential to salvation? Many say no. But in this article their objections are examined in light of scripture. You may find that many of their reasons show a basic misunderstanding of what baptism really is.

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Did Darwin Repent?
Reason & Revelation

It seemed like such good news! Charles Darwin repented on his death bed, expressing belief in God and faith in Christ! What a lovely story... But it's just that: a fictitious story, making the rounds on the web. Apologetics Press has documented the facts. No, Darwin did not repent. Read why.

Did NASA Find the "Missing Day" in the Bible?
Reason & Revelation
Computers churned to a halt -- supposedly -- when trying to compute the placement of the earth eons ago. The reason -- supposedly: a discrepancy in earth's history that could only be attributed to something in the Bible. Sure, there's a 'missing day' recorded in the Bible. But did NASA really prove it?
Is There A Petition to Ban Religious Broadcasting?
Reason & Revelation
The remains of famed athiest Madalyn Murray O’Hair (once of the American Atheist Center in Austin, Texas), were found in 2000. But the rumor that she's trying to ban all religious broadcasting lives on into the 21st century!

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