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Schools and Universities

Abilene Christian University
David Lipscomb University
Faulkner University
Florida College
Florida School of Preaching
Freed-Hardeman University
Harding University
Lubbock Christian University
Memphis School of Preaching
Ohio Valley Christian
Oklahoma Christian University S.A.
Pepperdine University
Rochester College
Southwest School of Bible Studies and Graduate School
Sunset International Bible Institute
West Virginia School of Preaching
World Bible School
World Video Bible School
York Christian College

Publications & Publishers From Within Our Brotherhood

Apologetics Press: Publisher and reseller of a variety of books, audio tapes and videos on Christian Evidences and defending God's Word. Seminars conducted by the administrators.

Baker Book House: Publisher offering more than 200 releases per year in its five separate divisions.

Christian Women: A potpourri of articles and items for everyday life, focussing on women's perspectives and needs.

Discovery: For children, each monthly issue has Bible stories, articles, puzzles, and activities about Gods wonderful creation.

Does God Exist?: Exploring the evidences for God's existence. Also, seminars conducted by John Clayton.

Firm Foundation: Articles and information, plus free web-page resource!

Freedom's Ring: A variety of articles from a very "non-traditional, non-legalistic" perspective.

Gospel Advocate: A variety of articles on various themes, seeking to unveil and discuss the truth of God's word.

Heartlight: A weekly electronic publication dedicated to bringing practical help to inspire positive Christian living.

Howard Publishing: Books, tapes, CD's, videos, and hymnals, designed to move you from here to Him.

Ideashop: Just what Bible teachers needed.

Reason & Revelation: Includes articles on biblical inspiration, God's existence, creation/evolution, the deity of Christ, and other topics in the field of modern apologetics, with up-to-date issues.

Sweet Publishing: Produces a wide variety of educational resources for individuals, churches, and schools all across America.

Truth For The World: A mission work involving radio and television programs, literature, internet, and campaign follow-up.

21st Century Christian: Articles and resources for Christians.

NOTE: It is impossible for us to read every article published under the links above. Our linkage to these publications is intended as a resource for you, not a blanket endorsement of the articles or perspective therein by any member or the entire Penobscot Valley Church.


Acapella: The vocal band (and the company) proclaiming the gospel and encouragment to Christians around the world.

Bible Gateway: Several translations of the Bible on the internet for quick reference and cross-reference.

Christian Homes Adoption Services: Christian Homes offers an alternative to abortion by providing full maternity care and adoption counseling to women experiencing a crisis pregnancy. Christian Homes offers foreign and domestic adoption services, operates a licensed maternity home, and works with girls throughout Texas and Oklahoma who do not wish to relocate to Abilene, but want the services of a Christian adoption agency.

Executable Outlines: Hundreds of non-denominational sermon outlines, by Mark Copeland.

Herald Of Truth: Christian Radio and Television broadcasting.

Restoration Movement: Articles from and about restoration movement leaders from Barton Stone, Alexander Campbell, and Thomas Campbell forward.

Southern Christian Home: Caring for homeless children, located in Arkansas.

USA Today Project: Classified ad campaign in USA Today.

World Christian Broadcasting: World-wide gospel radio programming.

Zoe Group: Worship enrichment ministry in Nashville, TN.

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